Express your unique identity with Armitron’s Prismatica Movement Collection, featuring dynamic rotating dials for a blend of elegance and playfulness. Make a distinctive statement with Armitron.

Where energy meets style.

Elevate your mood and style with this enchanting timepiece featuring an array of colors to choose from. The ever-changing dial transforms as time passes, offering a delightful kaleidoscope of hues that can boost your spirits and make a stylish statement. Discover the color that resonates with you and embark on a journey through time, where each moment becomes a work of art.


The Style 360 watches, in collaboration with Johnny Wujek, embody the essence of peace, love, and happiness. Each timepiece boasts a high-sheen, smooth ceramic bracelet and an automatic rotating dial featuring an iconic symbol such as a heart, flower or peace sign.With Style 360, Armitron invites you to express your fashion identity and make a statement that's as distinctive as you are. Join us in embracing the spirit of individuality and the art of self-expression through style.


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