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The story of Armitron is one of character and uncompromising spirit, and begins with a man and a promise. Against the unimaginable horrors of Auschwitz, a young Eugen Gluck made an oath: “I’m going to survive this. And I’m going to show you how human beings are supposed to treat each other.” And he did. He survived the Holocaust. Finding refuge in NYC, Mr. Gluck and his wife Jean (that’s right — Eugen and Jean — it was love at first sight!) set out to embody the American dream: First with a bakery, and then with a watch business. That business became “America’s Watch”, an industry leader that embraced technology and forward-thinking design to carve out a foothold in the American zeitgeist.

In the digital revolution of the 80s, Armitron led the way with one-of-a-kind watches in every style imaginable. Commercials, magazines, celebrity endorsements — that was the birth of the fashion watch. As Armitron continued to grow, Mr. Gluck never lost sight of his original promise to put people first — and that ethos is what continues to drive Armitron today with Mr. Gluck’s daughter, Bobbie, upholding his legacy as CEO.

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