Timepiece Tidbits

5 Fun Facts About Watches

Wristwatches Were Designed for Women Initially

Wristwatches were first crafted for women, as men originally preferred pocket watches.

Early Watches Only Had the Hour Hand

The earliest watches from the 15th and 16th centuries displayed only the hour hand. Minute hands weren’t added until the early 17th century.

Wristwatches Gained Popularity During World War I

While wristwatches were initially a women’s accessory, they became essential for men during WWI. Soldiers found them far more practical than pocket watches for their ease of use and freedom of movement.

The Tiny Pocket in Your Jeans Was Designed for Pocket Watches

Ever wonder about that small pocket above the main pocket on your jeans? It was originally created to store a pocket watch.

The First Waterproof Watch Was Introduced in 1926

In 1926, the first waterproof watch made waves in the market. Sellers would place the watch in a bowl of water to prove its waterproof capabilities.

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